• A Part of Vienna (Secession) Earrings
  • A Part of Vienna (Secession) Earrings

A Part of Vienna (Secession) Earrings

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The Secession Building's facade in Vienna showcases Art Nouveau's focus on organic shapes and detailed ornamentation, designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich. It boasts sinuous lines, floral motifs, and geometric patterns, with a grand arch entrance adorned with stylized florals and sculptural elements framing the doorway. Overall, it harmoniously combines elegance and innovation, embodying the avant-garde ethos of the Vienna Secession movement.



Pedant: 2 piece of 3mm 100% recycled acrylic.
Pedant size: 46mm x 20mm.
Pedant color: satin translucent green.
Ethically hand made in Vienna, Austria

Note: As it is handmade - the actual product may slightly differ from this picture.