About us

Discover Deta.li, where architecture meets fashion! With over 15 years of experience as an architect specializing in digitalization, I have combined my passion for art, design, and detail to create unique and captivating pieces.


Each jewel from Deta.li is carefully inspired by the architectural and artistic details of cities, capturing emotions through a meticulously selected color palette. From observing details to abstracting fundamental elements, each step of the process reflects the philosophy of "less is more," so emblematic in the world of design and architecture.


In our small studio in Vienna, each piece comes to life with hand-drawn sketches, testing the harmony between color and geometry. Digitalization is just the beginning, as we dedicate a crucial part of the creative and production process to carefully executed manual work.


The result is an exceptional fashion jewel, where geometry is combined with colorful materials of the highest quality. But it's not just a jewel; it's also a representative and explanatory card of the chosen place, making each piece more than an accessory: it's a memory, a meaningful gift. By wearing a Deta.li necklace, you carry not only a fashion piece but also a story and the architectural essence of the city. Discover Deta.li and take with you a part of urban beauty wherever you go!