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MU Espresso Cup & Saucer 80ml grey is part of the MU collection by TOAST Living.

The collection combines wood and porcelain crafts to show the esthetics of craftsmen. ”Mu” is the word for ”wood” in Taiwanese. The patterns in the porcelain resemble that of wood.

This series is simple and yet sophisticated. Made for daily use with 100% porcelain. When using it, they can bring the smooth and warm feeling from the texture of the surface. People will have a brand new experience from hand touching the MU series.

Besides MU Espresso Cup & Saucer 80ml grey, the TOAST Living MU collection includes many other items such as the tea pot, pitcher and several cups and mugs. Main colours in the collection are white, grey, oak and different shades of blue.

In addition to the MU collection, TOAST Living has created several other teaware and coffee accessories. You can find them all on our site: we have the largest collection.