• A Part of Berlin (Berlin Wall)
  • A Part of Berlin (Berlin Wall)

A Part of Berlin (Berlin Wall)

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The German Democratic Republic commenced construction of the Berlin Wall on the 13 August 1961. It was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 until 1990, when demolition of the Wall officially began and was completed in 1994.


Chain: 1mm thin 925 Sterling Silver, adjustable length maximum 45cm.
Pedant: 2 pieces of 3mm, 100% recycled acrylic and stainless steel cube.
Pedant size: 25mm x 19mm.
Pedant color: satin translucent anthracite grey and translucent fluor orange.
Packaging: Each necklace is vacuum sealed together with the explanation card.

Ethically hand made in Vienna, Austria

Note: As it is handmade - the actual product may slightly differ from this picture.